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About Computaccount UK Ltd

Computaccount UK Ltd is a friendly and long established company based in Harborne, Birmingham (UK). We specialise in supplying a wide range of IT products and services to a variety of sectors both locally and nationally.

  • Lean structures, flexibility and efficient solutions are our hallmarks. We believe in quality and service rather than mass production. Since 1983 we have successfully played an active role in providing a broad spectrum of IT services and it is a testament to our professionalism that a variety of businesses and organisations such as educational institutions and government bodies are a part of our customer base. All our customers are very much valued and that same professional service is also available to small businesses and home users.

  • Computaccount UK Ltd is an authorised supplier of a wide range of computers, specialised IT equipment, peripherals and also consumables. Our engineers are familiar with the leading brands and compatible products and so all our work is planned and accomplished with the necessary know-how.

  • Outstanding customer service is of paramount importance to us and we strive to ensure you get the perfect solution for your individual needs. For each request we take the necessary time to help you with our services, we endeavour to achieve 100% satisfaction thus resulting in a successful and long-term relationship with our clients.